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Does distribute THC products?

No, we simply connect you with the best marijuana doctors and best cannabis dispensaries in Florida.

Will my insurance cover this?

Unfortunately, medical insurance, in the state of Florida, does not cover any kind of medical marijuana treatments as of right now.

Why is it so expensive compared to California?

Marijuana laws, and the requirements on the recommending physicians, vary by state. In Florida, the process to obtain your Cannabis card, has not been streamlined to run as efficiently as it could run. This leads to substantially more paperwork submissions and longer processing times. Apart from this, doctors need to submit for medicine refills every 70 days. Florida state law also requires patients to be re-evaluated every 7 months (210 days). This means more work for doctors because of the extra time spent on every patient.

Do I have to smoke the marijuana?
I don’t like smoking.

Medical marijuana can be consumed in many ways: in vaporizer form, creams, capsules, etc.  If you qualify, our doctors will recommend the best way to consume the product, depending on your current condition, past history, and your lifestyle.

Does having my medical card affect my concealed weapons license?

To get more information we recommend you contact Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and/or your attorney.

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