Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers, or MMTCs, are charged with growing, manufacturing, and selling cannabis medicines to Florida patients. They a vertically integrated, meaning they perform all operations from seed to sale. Available medications, strains, and delivery methods vary by individual MMTCs. For specific locations please see MMTC websites.

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15% off First Order
$75 off order of $150 (once per year to offset cost of ID card)
20% off Veterans
10% off Snap
$25 Statewide Delivery
Loyalty Rewards Program

Military Veterans receive 20% off every order! Join Truvets!


1st purchase – $75 off order of $150 or more
2nd purchase – $25 off order of $100 or more
15% off Veterans
10% off Students
10% off First Responders
20% off Cannabis Industry
Free Delivery Statewide


25% off first order
10% off Veterans
10% off Senior Citizens – 65 or older
20% off Cannabis Industry
Delivery within 25 miles of store
Over $200 free, $20 other orders


$50 off first time order of $150 or more
40% off Pediatrics
20% off Veterans and Military
20% off Recipients of Financial Assistance
10% off Senior Citizens – 65 or older
$15 off one purchase during birthday month
Free Delivery

Loyalty Rewards Program


$55 off $100 first order & Free Delivery
15% off Veterans
15% off Pediatric
15% off Certified Physicians & Staff

Limited delivery area – Free over $100

Rewards Program


25% off First Purchase
25% off Military/Veterans
15% off Cannabis Industry
15% off Young @ Heart (55+)
Limited Delivery
Rewards Program


10% off first order OR $75 off purchase of $150
25% off Military, Veterans, and Retired First Responders
10% off Recipients of Financial Assistance
Free Statewide Delivery
Loyalty Rewards Program


$75 off $150 first purchase
30% off Veterans
20% off Financial Hardship – SSI or SNAP
15% off Cannabis Industry
Free Statewide Delivery


1st purchase – 25% discount (and free vape pen)
2nd purchase – 50% off up to $200 purchase
3rd purchase – Buy One Get One
20% off Veterans and Spouses
Free Statewide Delivery

Formerly Knox Medical
Intro discounts are valid for 90 days after first purchase
No discount on flower w/exception of Vet discount


15% off Veterans
15% off Senior Citizens – 65 or older
15% off Recipients of Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, or SSDI
$20 Delivery, limited service area


First Purchase: BOGO Capsule, Tincture, or Vape
10% off Veterans
Deal of the Week – see store
No Delivery


25% off First Purchase
15% off Military & First Responders
10% off Senior Discount
10% off MMJ Industry
10% off Economic Hardship
Statewide Delivery

For an up to date list of licensed Florida dispensaries, consult the Office of Medical Marijuana Use.

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